AIIM Email Management eDiscovery Webinars
Webinars, in general, are interesting and jam-packed with useful information -- the folks at AIIM want to share that experience with users. Two hot topics are up for discussion come October: email management and eDiscovery standardization.

Email Management on Demand

AIIM's first webinar will focus on the world of email management. This webinar will take place on October 8. Discussions will include learning about email management, discovering on-demand email services, handling on-premise email and finding cost-effective email management solutions. Viewers will also learn how eDiscovery, storage, recovery and search can be managed more easily through a hosted solution. Registration information is available here.

Can eDiscovery be Standardized?

AIIM's second webinar will focus on eDiscovery standardization. This webinar will take place on October 22. Discussions will include how organizations have anticipated discovery requests, what business and technology implications there are for supporting more efficient eDiscovery cases and how organizations handle eDiscovery. Those interested in the hot topic of eDiscovery will surely want to check this one out. Registration information is available here. More information about these and other AIIM events can be seen on AIIM's official web site.