Russell Burstow took an 18 hour flight to represent Jentla at CMS Expo. The company's Chief Technology Officer spoke about his company's enterprise layer software for Joomla. Could this be the next great evolution of the open source content management system?

Those of us who admin multiple Joomla sites are keenly aware of the enterprise layer functionality missing in Joomla. Jentla Multi-Site CMS, says Burstow, solves critical issues which have discouraged large scale enterprise from adapting Joomla. 

Most importantly, Jentla offers one click updates (both Joomla and extensions) on multiple sites, automated backups, one seat management and 'near infinite' scalability. 

To prove its mettle on the scalability front, Burstow mentioned that Jentla recently deployed 10,000 sites on a single installation. Burstow also spoke of Jentla's 'content as object' model, which can automate granular local targeting of content items. A Jentla client is successfully using this to create locally targeted content networks in support of their advertiser network. "People pay more per click the better you can target advertising." Burstow said.
Open source is a critical part of a CMS success, he said, noting that there are too many CMS out there right now. "Convergence is inevitable," Burstow said, "and cost will play a big part in that."
Additionally, Burstow mentioned workflows and user management as areas in which Jentla upgrades Joomla to a true enterprise level multi-site CMS.

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