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Zac-Ware, a third party developer of Joomla solutions announced the upcoming release of Jentla Enterprise Layer. Jentla is a suite of extensions and managed services designed to allow central management of multiple Joomla deployments from a single interface. This solution may reduce the volume of Maalox and aspirin consumption for web developers maintaining a large number of client Joomla sites.

Jentla was launched at the sold out 2009 Melbourne JoomlaDay conference held at the The University of Melbourne. Jentla is aimed at medium to enterprise businesses who currently host a number of complex sites using the Joomla platform.

Using Jentla, developers can host, support content and manage hundreds of sites through a single interface.

A few features implemented in the Jentla suite:

Learning Opportunities

  • Multi-Site Management -- Control up to 1000 sites from a single Joomla site interface.
  • Instant Site Replication -- Replicate entire sites quickly for pre-live deployment testing.
  • Extension Management -- Install, delete, update, enable and disable modules, components and plug-ins from a central location. This would allow disabling problematic extensions from a selected set of sites globally.
  • Content Addition -- Content addition is centralized from the manager site aqnd propagated via web service to the individual node sites. Old content is retained on the manager database.
  • Content Module Additions -- Several new content modules are available.
  • Editorial -- Customers choose sections, review and moderate published content.
  • Video -- Video libraries are integrated with articles and blogs.
  • Integrated Advertising -- Granular advertising, Clickstream, page data, article tags and monitoring processes supported.
  • Site Clustering -- Easy replication of neighboring site content across neighboring nodes.
  • Alerts-- Daily, weekly, monthly threshold for both individual and all sites.
  • Automated Archiving-- Uses centralized storage and control from manager site.

Jentla Joomla Interface

Jentla Interface

Jentla appears to move Joomla closer to ACL(Access Control Levels) with a hierarchy of global admin, contributors, approvers, moderators and publisher support.

Jentla has all the makings of an exciting development for the Joomla project. In particular, this means those all important security updates can be implemented network wide and that makes multi-site management less painful.

For those in need of fast, large scale deployment, Zac-Ware offers an SaaS solution and integration with cloud hosting.