Le Web 3
The third Les Blogs conference is just over the near horizon, taking place in Paris next Monday, December 11. We wouldn't miss this one. But sadly, unless you've already registered, its too late. The event is now sold out. If you are on the list, read-on for program highlights, hotel discounts, and directions.Le Web 3 boasts such sponsors as Six Apart, TechCrunch, and Orange. Participants include a range of venture capitalists, technology vendors, Web 2.0 players such as NetVibes and MySpace, media partners, and heavy-weights such as Microsoft, France Telecom, Lycos, EMC, Skype, Yahoo!, and Google. Speakers include TechCrunch's Michael Arrington, SocialText's Ross Mayfield, Technorati founder Dave Sifry, and a number of other bright lights. With its breadth of topics relating to Web 2.0 and the globe, as well as its world-class suite of 2.0-savvy sponsors and speakers, the conference program looks promising. Of critical importance is the question, where does Europe begin to factor into Web 2.0 and the changes taking place across the entrepreneurial landscape? Monday's talk entitled "Old Europe Vs Silicon Valley" will address just this question. Check out conference news and find out how you can get hotel discounts. The conference runs Monday December 11th at 9am through end of day on the 12th. It takes place at the Salle equinoxe, 20 rue du Colonel Pierre Avia, 75015, Paris, just outside the peripherique.