David Nuescheler of Day, developers of the once and future JCR standard, will be conducting a session on AJAX and JCR at JavaPolis '07. The session will occur this Wednesday at the MetroPolis Business Center in Antwerp -- the haven of diamond aficionados and, this week only, the site at which people will shape the future of AJAX. In particular, Nuescheler will be discussing "repository backed AJAX" (dubbed r-JAX for short). r-JAX is a combination of heavyweight JCR development, coupled with a "lightweight, client side style of developing full fledged applications," according to the JavaPolis website. In any event, Nuescheler thinks r-JAX is the beginning of a paradigm shift in development for both AJAX and content repository-based enterprise apps. If you happen to be in Antwerp on Wednesday, you'll be among the few who learn how applications can be more efficiently developed with all the flexibility of AJAX, coupled with the secure operating environment of a standardized content repository. The session is called "Kick Starting the Content Repository: AJAX meets JCR" and will take place at 2 PM CET. Learn more about JavaPolis '07.