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November Events

November 23 (Toronto): Training: Designing Successful Intranets Toronto

Based on feedback from over 21,000 intranet ends users from 67 organisations, this interactive one day workshop will help you to deliver an intranet that adds real value to your organisation.

November 23 - 25 (Cape Town): Auditing Project Performance & Controlling Projects Training Cape Town 2011

From the very start of this class you will receive hands-on training and experience, practicing the art of auditing your project against the project requirements documents, risk management plans, and budget estimates. You’ll learn the best in industry practices used to measure the triple constraints of project management and risk that ensure success and you’ll master techniques for estimating and forecasting future performance of your project.

November 24 (Basingstoke): Office 365 Overview and Introduction Seminar Basingstoke 2011

This free seminar will give you an introduction to Microsoft's Cloud solution with Office 365. It is designed to ensure customers have the information they need to make their transition to the Cloud and get the most from Office 365's significant new capabilities. 

November 24 (Basingstoke): Azure Overview Seminar Basingstoke 2011

Join us to learn about how you can start using the cloud today, through a combination of scenarios, case studies and best practices. At the end of the seminar, you will have an understanding of the technology, and will be able to identify opportunities in your organisation where Windows Azure can help you deliver new capabilities to your business.

November 25 (Montreal): Training: Designing Successful Intranets Montreal

Based on feedback from over 21,000 intranet ends users from 67 organisations, this interactive one day workshop will help you to deliver an intranet that adds real value to your organisation.

November 25 (London): UXPeople London 2011

Practical learning, hands-on workshops and presentations. Delivered by UX opinion formers from The Guardian, Public Zone, Shazam and Tobias & Tobias, as well as leading consultants and academics from the UX industry.

November 28 (Boston): Training: Designing Successful Intranets Boston

Based on feedback from over 21,000 intranet ends users from 67 organisations, this interactive one day workshop will help you to deliver an intranet that adds real value to your organisation.

November 29 (London): NoSQL Road Show London 2011

These informative and intensive half-day sessions are designed to give participants an overview of the changing landscape around data management – highlighted by concepts like “Big Data” and NoSQL databases.

November 29 - 30 (London): AppsWorld Conference 2011 Europe

With three simultaneous streams the Apps World event aims to address the entire app ecosystem and the challenge of delivery, development and design of apps across multiple platforms.

November 29 - 30 (Berlin): Marcus Evans Events: Smart Employee Portals Conference 2011

At this conference you will learn from best practice examples about using employee portals as a major collaboration and knowledge management platform.

November 29 - 30 (Cologne): iPhone DevCon Cologne 2011

The iPhone DevCon is a developer event of mobile-developers, the trade magazine for mobile developers. The magazine deals in detail with all relevant platforms such as Apple's iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. But new mobile platforms are discussed regularly. The conference will be held for developers for iOS 29th - 30 November 2011 in the Radisson Blu Hotel Cologne.

November 29 - December 1 (Washington, DC): Semantic Tech & Business Conference DC 2011

The conference is designed for business and technology executives who need to learn what semantic technologies are and how to take advantage of semantics in their enterprise and web-based systems.

November 29 - December 1 (London): Online Information Conference London 2011

Online Information is the largest event dedicated to the information industry, providing an annual meeting place for the global information industry.

November 29 - December 1 (Boston): Gilbane Conference - Boston 2011

Gilbane Boston 2011 is all about helping organizations apply content, web and mobile technologies to communicate with their ecosystem of customers, employees, suppliers and partners in the most effective and efficient ways.

November 29 - December 2 (Orlando): Society and Information Technologies: ICSIT 2011

ICSIT 2011 Organizing Committee hopes to contribute to the catalytic process required for the generation of ICT-Driven Triple Helix Innovations, the generation of Triple Helix Synergy and the formation of co-regulative and co-evolutionary cybernetic loops between Society and the ICT.

November 29 - December 2 (Fort Lauderdale): The Rich Web Experience Fort Lauderdale 2011

Front-end development practices continue to evolve at a frantic pace. RWX 2011 will help you stay up-to-speed with the latest tools, frameworks, usability, and development practices. Our speakers are opensource leaders, project committers, published authors, and professional trainers.

November 30 (Los Angeles): AIIM Executive Social Business Seminar Los Angeles 2011

Join us at this complimentary seminar and learn how social business technologies can augment your existing process improvement applications to support high-value, collaborative interaction between your employees, customers and partners.

November 30 (New York): Training: Designing successful intranets New York

Based on feedback from over 21,000 intranet ends users from 67 organisations, this interactive one day workshop will help you to deliver an intranet that adds real value to your organisation.

November 30 - December 1 (London): Predictive Analytics World 2011 London

PAW focuses on concrete examples of deployed predictive analytics. Hear from the horse's mouth precisely how FT 500 analytics competitors and other top practitioners deploy predictive modelling, and what kind of business impact it delivers.

November 30 - December 1 (Redwood City): CloudBeat Redwood City 2011

CloudBeat 2011 will be different from existing cloud conferences. The event will hone in on real and revolutionary instances of enterprise adoption of the cloud. Using a customer-centric approach (rather than vendor-centric), we’ll answer the over-arching question: What are the key processes and architectures that companies must put in place in order to survive and prosper?

November 30 - December 2 (Melbourne): OZeWAI Web Adaptability Conference Melbourne 2011

As Australia’s only web accessibility conference, OZeWAI brings together national and international experts, creating an environment which promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration.

December Events

December 1 (Philadelphia): Training: Designing successful intranets Philadelphia

Based on feedback from over 21,000 intranet ends users from 67 organisations, this interactive one day workshop will help you to deliver an intranet that adds real value to your organisation. 

December 1 - 3 (Brazil): Interaction South America 2011

Interaction South America 2011 is a design event that combines three days of inspiring conversations on activities presented by a set of regional and international experts.

December 5 (Los Angeles): Training: Designing Successful Intranets Los Angeles

Based on feedback from over 21,000 intranet ends users from 67 organisations, this interactive one day workshop will help you to deliver an intranet that adds real value to your organisation.

December 5 - 6 (Brisbane): YOW! Australia Software Developer Conference 2011

The YOW! Australia Software Developer Conference is a unique opportunity for you to listen to and talk with international software experts in a relaxed setting.

December 5 - 7 (Washington DC): Advanced XPages for Domino Developers Washington DC 2011

Maximize your Lotus investment with hands-on learning to build exceptional XPages. Take your XPages to the next level and dive into the Java Design Element, the Dojo Base Library, and mobile development. Get hands-on experience with client- and server-Side JavaScript, the Extension Library, JSON, and more.

December 5 - 9 (Orlando): Visual Studio Live! Orlando 2011 -- .NET Framework & Visual Studio Conference

Visual Studio Live! Orlando provides focused, cutting-edge education on the Microsoft Platform. It is THE must-attend event for developers, software architects and designers that provides you with the tools, technologies and tips you’ll need to solve development challenges in 2012.

December 6 (San Francisco): Training: Designing Successful Intranets San Francisco

Based on feedback from over 21,000 intranet ends users from 67 organisations, this interactive one day workshop will help you to deliver an intranet that adds real value to your organisation.

December 7 - 9 (Paris): LeWeb 2011, Paris

LeWeb brings together the most influential audience in the Internet ecosystem. Top industry entrepreneurs, executives, investors, senior press & bloggers gather to focus on the key issues and opportunities in the web marketplace.

December 8 (Melville): Business Process Transformation: Taking SharePoint Beyond the Intranet

This meeting focuses on practical, common business scenarios where SharePoint can be used to dramatically improve productivity, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

December 8 - 9 (Boston): Training: SharePoint Information Architecture Boston 2011

2-day hands-on course provides an introduction to information architecture concepts with particular attention given to content type definition, taxonomy, and metadata as well as how to configure SP to meet IA design requirements.

December 8 - 9 (London): 4D UK DevCon 2011

The biggest and most important 4D event in years is just around the corner. Thursday, December 8th, the 4D developer community will attend Park Crescent Conference Centre in the heart of London for a day dedicated to current events and the future of 4D.

December 8 - 9 (New Orleans): Drupal on the Bayou: A Drupal Summit

Drupal on the Bayou brings together the people who use, develop, design and support the Drupal platform. Designed to be more than just another industry event; interactive workshops will be featured along with sessions and panels from some of the most influential people in the Drupal Community.

December 12 (San Francisco): An Event Apart San Francisco 2011

An Event Apart is an intensely educational two-day conference for passionate practitioners of standards-based web design. If you care about code as well as content, usability as well as design, An Event Apart is the conference you’ve been waiting for.

December 14 (Linz): Fabasoft Cloud Developer Conference Linz 2011

The free of charge Fabasoft Cloud Developer Conference 2011 Winter is the meeting point for software developers from all over the world who want to help shape the future of IT within the Folio Cloud eco-system.

December 13 (Online): (Webinar) Is Your SharePoint Site a Security Risk

Please join Kathleen Reidy, Senior Analyst at The 451 Group, and HiSoftware’s Eric Darbe for a live webinar exploring the emerging compliance and security issues within SharePoint.

December 19 (Herzliya): CouchConf Israel 2011

This one-day event is for any developer who wants to take a deeper dive into Couchbase NoSQL technology, learn where it’s headed and build really cool stuff. Join us for a day to find out what’s new with Couchbase and learn more about harnessing this powerful distributed database technology for your web and mobile applications.

January Events

January 6 (Oslo): Agile Coach Camp Oslo 2012

Welcome to the unconference for Agile coaches, ScrumMasters and other Agile addicts. We are proud to welcome everybody to the second Norwegian agile coach camp. Two days of highly collaborative, self-organized event with Agile coach dojo and Open Space for everyone.

January 7 (Washington DC): UXCamp Washington DC 2012

UXCamp DC is an ad-hoc unconference and is part of the larger BarCamp movement. The focus of this camp is user experience–online and offline. There is no set agenda until everyone gathers.

January 11 - 13 (Sandusky): CodeMash Ohio 2012

CodeMash is a unique event that will educate developers on current practices, methodologies, and technology trends in a variety of platforms and development languages such as Java, .Net, Ruby, Python and PHP. Attendees will be able to attend a world-class technical conference amid Ohio's largest indoor waterpark. 

January 13 - 15 (Melbourne): Drupal Downunder Melbourne 2012

More than just another industry event, it’s a shared experience that seeks to inspire and engage. Drupal Downunder in Melbourne for 2012 will feature sessions and panels from some of the most influential people and brightest minds within the local Drupal community.

January 13 - 16 (Adelaide): Rails Camp X Adelaide 2012

Rails Camp is an unconference (no staid and structured setup) event for Rubyists of all levels of experience - but we're not just focused on rails. Anything related to Ruby and development in general is a welcome topic for discussion.

January 15 - 17 (Mumbai): Click Asia Summit Mumbai 2012

Click Asia Summit 2012, Asia’s largest digital and mobile marketing conference, expo, and workshop is a perfect opportunity for mobile and online marketers, entrepreneurs, brand owners, content developers, agency executives, SEO architects, and digital-media experts to come together and explore the possibilities of mobile and digital marketing in Asia.

January 15 - 19 (Orlando): Lotusphere Orlando 2012

Whether it's social business strategies or product features and capabilities, Lotusphere has what you know, love, and expect. Same tracks, similar labs, and another awe-inspiring Solutions Showcase.

January 17 - 19 (Vienna): Software Quality Days Vienna 2012

Software Quality Days is one of the biggest conferences on software quality. This makes it a must for anyone interested in software quality and testing.

January 18 - 19 (Nottingham): New Adventures in Web Design Nottingham 2012

New Adventures in Web Design goes against the grain. This is a unique web design event taking place in Nottingham. In the middle of England. In bleak midwinter. This event will be sympathetic to existing and new challenges and opportunities faced by front-end design folks in their day-to-day work and beyond.

January 18 - 20 (New York): WebVisions New York 2012

WebVisions takes the show to NYC for three days of presentations by leading web, mobile, UX, DIY and strategy experts.

January 20 - 22 (Los Angeles): SCALE 10x - Linux Expo Los Angeles 2012

SCALE started 10 years ago with a single day event at USC with two tracks and 400 attendees. Considering that SCALE 10X will be a three day event, with as many as a half-dozen tracks and possibly as many as 2,500 attendees.

January 23 - 26 (London): Customer Experience Management in Telecoms London 2012

Telecoms IQ's Customer Experience Management conference in January 2012 is an unmissable opportunity to learn how to optimise your CEM strategies and leverage them to deliver tangible results that will secure top-level buy-in.

January 25 - 26 (London): Mobile Games Forum London 2012

A global faculty of 45 speakers who define the world of Mobile Games. Would you like to connect directly & in person with Playfish, Electronic Arts, GetJar, Digital Chocolate, Glu Mobile, Papaya Mobile, NVIDIA and Google… to name but a few?

January 25 - 26 (Amsterdam): Beyond Enterprise 2.0 Conference Amsterdam 2012

This international summit will bring together senior executives cross-industry to discuss key issues on maximizing internal communications through social media. To maximise knowledge exchange and generate actionable results, we have carefully designed the conference format to be interactive, “hands-on” and productive. 

January 26 - 28 (San Francisco): Macworld/iWorld San Francisco 2012

Macworld/iWorld 2012 is the world's ultimate fan event for those who use, create and love Apple products. Attendees will encounter a unique celebration of Apple-technology infused art, music and film, as well as learning opportunities, and a shopping mecca in our exhibit hall filled with products and services for Apple users of all skill levels and interests.

January 26 - 28 (Switzerland): gotoAndSki() Switzerland 2012

The COOLEST geek conference ever is back! Yes, in January 2012 the coolest (below zero at least) Flash/Flex/Mobile event will be back to begin the year with. gotoAndSki is a conference with a twist, giving an extra focus to the networking part of it, which is very strong in this Flash community.

January 30 - February 1 (San Francisco): 3rd Mobile Commerce Conference San Francisco 2012

IQPC is proud to announce the 3rd Mobile Commerce Conference: The only event with additional focus on transitioning successful B2C strategies internally across B2B & B2E! 

January 31 - February 1 (San Francisco): iStrategy San Francisco 2012

This spring iStrategy will be convening in the epicenter of the digital industry, Silicon Valley.If building a high-performing, integrated marketing strategy is important to your corporation, then iStrategy San Francisco is a sound investment.

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