Open Source CMS aficionados, clear out March 22-23 on your calendar because the Open Source Content Management System Summit is being held at Yahoo's Sunnyvale, California Campus. As are most things Open Source, the conference is free.The long-awaited Yahoo!/CMS event costs nothing (meaning drinks will cost a lot) and is open to all open source content management system purveyors. The summit will include a set of "sub-conferences" including DrupalCon by Drupal, major players in the open source CMS field. Private sessions and sub-conferences can still be added on the website. Sessions last from 8 AM to 7 PM, which leaves ample evening time for schmoozing with other warm 'n bubbly CMS geeks. The sessions agenda is still evolving, but the current list includes: * Designer Eye for the Geek Guy/Gal * jQuery: Making JavaScript Fun Again * Theming Drupal: techniques, approaches, philosophies * Is Drupal an Enterprise Solution? * Strategies for Integrating Drupal with CiviCRM * Build a CCK Module in Drupal * The new Drupal menu system * Custom searches in Drupal * OpenID : In Drupal core and your CMS too * Drupal Performance Inside-Out * Drupal Installation Profiles: Rolling your own Drupal distribution * AHAH! - Ajax + FormAPI = More Responsive UI * Video Delivery with Drupal * Date + Calendar in Drupal * Drupal Podcast Live! Yahoo! strongly recommends renting a car or bringing your own to this event. While Sunnyvale is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley happens to be located in the heart of nowhere and the city is rather sprawled. At least one carpool is being coordinated as you read this so to get in on it and hopefully save some gas mileage, hop on the summit forums. Yahoo! is also seeking other sponsors. CMS conferences are generally a good opportunity to get your company's brand exposed among members of your target audience. And side events happening throughout the duration of the conference will also need sponsorship, so do ask about those. To get involved or commit to attend, register for the conference on the summit website. The call for sessions is happening through today, Friday the 16th of February, and the final schedule will be available around March 1. We welcome a searing and gossipy play-by-play from whoever ends up attending, even if the only gossip worth mentioning is the latest drama with AJAX.