According to InfoWorld, "CIOs and their IT departments will find themselves on the firing line in most major business litigation." Feeling unprepared for the expectations raised by eDiscovery? According to enterprise lawyers and a recent AIIM survey, most businesses are. If you've got documents, Word files or spreadsheets, presentations, or scanned images online, you're affected by the new eDiscovery legislation. If you've got e-mail or websites relating to your company, you're affected by eDiscovery. If the employees in your enterprise are using an instant messenger system to collaborate with each other or just chat, you're affected by eDiscovery. Worse still, the new eDiscovery rules cover even more than that. Exchanging info by cell phone? You're still affected. So what to do about compliance? The best way to protect yourself against penalties generated by non-compliance, and get to know the rules a little better, is to dive right in. Be the judge on a case about electronically stored information. Join AIIM's Interactive Courtroom. AIIM's one-day educational seminar will help you assess the following: * How your colleagues manage information today * How risks of mismanaging electronically stored information have changed after December 1, 2006 * Why the retention, disposition and technology to manage records are vital * What you'll typically find in an eDiscovery request * What you need to do to protect your business * Why there's more to do than create, store and destroy when managing your information lifecycle The seminar schedule for Spring 2007 runs intermittently through the month of March on the following dates: * March 6 -- Los Angeles, CA * March 8 -- Denver, CO * March 13 -- Houston, TX * March 15 -- Dallas, TX * March 20 -- Vancouver, BC * March 22 -- Seattle, WA * March 27 -- Portland, OR * March 29 -- San Francisco, CA More info about the seminar and advanced registration links can be found at the AIIM website. In related news, Mobius Management Systems recently conducted a webcast covering new imperatives for e-mail management, a critical component to the eDiscovery issue, and MessageGate highlighted the Top 10 E-mail Management Blunders of 2006.