HFI Introduces a new approach to website design
James Bond once quipped that the world is not enough. This time around, Dr. Eric Schaffer, founder and CEO of Human Factors International (HFI) says that "usability is no longer enough" when it comes to designing websites. HFI, a company focused on software usability has introduced their newest approach to web design that allows companies to influence and deepen their interactions with online customers through Persuasion, Emotion and Trust. The approach extends well beyond just making a site easy to use. At its core a site needs to engage consumers and meet business goals as well. By optimizing the values of persuasion, emotion and trust, users are influenced as to what they will do next on the website. Focusing on the science of persuasion can help companies achieve their online objectives, from getting people to buy a product or signing up for a newsletter, among other things. To learn more about this new approach, join Dr. Schaffer in New York from September 24-26. There, he will teach PET Design, "How to Design for Persuasion, Emotion and Trust," a 3-day training course that will introduce the concepts of PET Design. Attendees will learn the nuts and bolts of developing, implementing and achieving designs that influence users according to the goals of the site. As well, they will be instructed how to: * Develop persuasive strategies and implement research-based methods throughout the design process to make websites more trustworthy and convincing * Probe the subtle motivations and emotional triggers that influence peoples' reactions to messaging, content and offers * Create an effective design that appeals to users while achieving measurable business goals * Document and present PET Design research and user analysis with concrete deliverables, including personas, persuasion flow diagrams, emotion maps and trust scorecards. Don't worry if you can't make it to the Big Apple in time -- courses are planned for San Francisco, LA, Austin, Philadelphia and Atlanta throughout the fall. In addition, you can peruse and contribute to the Doctor's blog, BeyondUsability.humanfactors.com. Registration is open and group rates are available.