It's time to set the stage for a tech conference that's just for women. She's Geeky is an "(un)conference" for that one coding chick among many man geeks. Make your appearance from October 22-23, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.She's Geeky calls itself an (un)conference because it's less Lilith Fair in nature than your typical all-girl affair. The event is agenda-free; in fact, the game plan is created on-the-spot. Working in tech is a lot like finding yourself in corporate law - without the suave stallions in suits. Nonetheless, a woman might find herself collaborating in a more "masculine" way, or acting overly "feminine" and nurturing in order to get things done among her peers. And while more women are wielding influence on the front end of the Internet, fewer are clocking in as ITs. In fact, more are quitting, if the UK is any indication. Thankfully, this trend, like any other, is reversible with time. She's Geeky attendees will be able to: * Swap skills with women from other technological callings * Discuss the whole "women and technology" thing * Connect and network with other women, particularly those in technology, funding, hardware, entrepreneurship, nonprofit, open source, and other "technical geeky" sectors So if you work in open source, gaming, mobile, enterprise IT, social networking, search, or any other geek field (open to interpretation), then honey, you need to come on down. More importantly than the sector in which they work, women who attend care about developing technology that is useful for others. It's also a space for encouraging other women to get involved. Costs for the conference are US$ 125 if you register before 30 September; US$ 175 after. Hit the She's Geeky website to learn more or sign up. And if you want to help or get involved in a manner more "intimate," for lack of a better word, email the organizers at shesgeeky [at] gmail [dot] com.