User Interface Engineering
While it's still two weeks away, here's a Webinar that you don't want to miss. Especially, if you've been working to utilize visual design to not just be user-friendly but design-friendly as well. The folks at User Interface Engineering -- a research, training and consulting firm specializing in Web site and product usability -- are hosting Essentials of Effective Visual Design on Thursday, November 20, at 1:30 p.m. EDT. This Webinar aims to help you take advantage of a visual hierarchy, so the most important info jumps out of the design first, as well as to give you the tools to make your graphics work hard for your design.Lead by Patrick Hofmann -- a technical illustrator, visual interaction designer and usability consultant currently working for Google in Australia -- registrants will learn: * How the best information designs help us scan, read and absorb information, and what happens when they don’t * How to judge contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity in our designs * How the simplest of tweaks, like adjusting the mere text sizes or line weights in your information, can dramatically improve your product’s usability * How to ensure the images you use are as effective as the words that go along with them For too long consumers have struggled with sites that offer great design and poor functionality, and with those that offer great usability but rather poor design. But now, you can learn how to make your products easier to use by applying surprising, memorable design techniques. Registration for the 90-minute Webinar costs US$ 129.00. Register today and be on your way to improving the visual design and functionality of your site.