Vice President David Terry of marketing for Hot Banana summarized the need for site optimization with four must-haves: search engine optimization, design optimization, web analytics, and performance optimization. His presentation, "Web site Optimization and Automation to Maximize Lead Generation and Conversion," expelled the gospel of brand consistency with the strategy that evolved from call center to website as the center of marketing activities. The old adage remains: One's web site should be able to fulfill the needs of the user. So how to optimize and automate? With a Content Management System, of course! What kind do you need? One that integrates brand management, creates positive user experiences, positive results and ultimately a return on marketing investment (ROMI). A CMS that allows content to be used again and again, an integration of e-marketing and campaign development, helps create effortless interactivity. For everything from maximizing traffic to closing leads, a pipeline process is recommended. Track your site using web analytics (Google Analytics was widely suggested and encouraged among session attendees). By understanding who is looking at your site, online forms and encouraging a purchase conversion can offer web site conversion metrics that will be invaluable to determining how those users were obtained and how to you can retain them and find more. Tag and track returning visitors when they come back to the site. What keywords are they using? From what sites are they being referred? Web metrics can answer these questions. On top of that, they can help optimize and automate your site, improving quality and conversion over time.