Though not exactly receiving rave reviews, the latest book on Google Analytics is hot off the presses and for the right audience, may be exactly what you need to take your next steps measuring site performance and online goals attainment.If you're stuck on how best to use regular expression filtering or if setting and tracking conversion goals has you mystified, then this is probably a good step in getting over the next analytics hump. If you're all cozy comfortable with web analytics in general and Google Analytics in specific, this is not the book for you. Google Analytics aims to deliver on the following:
  • Get familiar with the concept of analytics, what Google Analytics offers, and how it compares to popular site statistics programs.
  • Learn to set up the program, navigate the interface, understand filters, and use goal-setting features.
  • Integrate Google Analytics with Google AdWords.
  • Make the most of reporting dashboards.
  • Find out how to use analytics for marketing and content optimization.
  • Understand what each type of report means and how to interpret it.
  • Explore how other companies have used analytics to improve site performance.
  • Investigate how to use Google Analytics for complete e-commerce analysis.
If you do buy the book, its important to note that according to Google there have been some significant developments since this book went to press. For example, the book does not discuss the new AdWords Analysis and AdWords Keyword Positions reports and you no longer need an invitation to create a Google Analytics account. See more details at