Riding the wave of 72 nominations and 15,000 votes, Joomla! was declared winner of Packt's 2006 Open Source CMS Awards. With much fanfare, the Awards are back, and nominations are now open. Who will win open source gold?This year's ceremony is slightly different from last year's, boasting both a higher stake in prize cash and fresh new categories. Along with a winning fund totaling US$ 20,000, open source contenders can compete for the following new titles: * Best social networking CMS * Best open source PHP CMS * Best other open source CMS * Most promising open source CMS * Overall Winner (there will definitely be crying over this one) There's nothing like winning a pageant to get your spirits up. The Open Source CMS Award was originally developed to encourage and recognize an open source CMS selected by a set of judges and visitors. But this year, instead of shining light on the talents of just one, Packt has sought to recognize other achievements in the ever-broadening open source world. "For this year’s Awards, we wanted to support and give more exposure to a broader range of open source Content Management Systems" said Marketing Manager Damian Carvill. "We received a fantastic response to last year’s Award and it confirmed our view that there is an impressive number of professional level open source Content Management Systems with large and enthusiastic communities." The US$ 20,000 prize will be divided between the five winners - the overall winner receives US$ 5,000, with second and third places receiving US$ 3,000 and US$ 2,000, respectively. The other two winners get US$ 2,000 each. And word on the street relates that there will also be opportunities to win an iPod Nano. (How can you miss out now?) Get involved and start nominating at the Packt awards page.