Europe is the hot spot for techies this fall. Those going to the Plone Conference in Naples this October may find yet another reason to visit the Old Continent with DrupalCon coming up. This year it takes place in Barcelona, Spain.Drupal is an open source CMS purveyor. The conference will take place between September 19-22, spanning four days: enough time to see a bullfight while ruminating over how compelling Drupal's v5 CMS is. This is one of two major Drupal conferences held every year in Europe and North America. The North American one took place at Yahoo this year. DrupalCon Barcelona is expected to draw a crowd of hundreds of users, developers and open source lovers worldwide (including, we expect, laggers who missed Drupal at Yahoo). Dries Buytaert, who co-organized the Drupal conferences once upon a time, reports that DrupalCon Barcelona was orchestrated by the Catalan Drupal user group and the Drupal Association. Be sure to check the site for accommodation information and the like. Other registrants have begun compiling a hotel and hostel list. You can also check out sessions here. Topics include Typography on the Web, The Facebook Platform and Drupal, and Drupal from Educators and Academics. Registration is now open and the conference is still seeking sponsorship, so it might do you good to be a dear and throw your name up onto a booth during the four days of sun-drenched schmoozing. We asked if there were options to brand a bull but received little more than dead air in return. That kind of bummed us out. In recent news, Drupal v6 (perhaps more compelling than v5) includes OpenID support, which you can't yet take advantage of because the development team has undergone a code freeze to stabilize the offering.