This June 6-8, the Ibsenhuset Conference Center of Skien, Norway will play host to the 5th annual eZ Conference. For some, this is the biggest content management event in Europe. Over 500 attendees, spanning executives, content managers and web pros the world over, are expected to drop in with elbows ripe for the rubbing. Conference track sessions are expected to focus upon enterprise content management practice, best practices and open source technology. The latter in particular is a major industry darling right now, and barriers to entry are lowering as technology improves. eZ conferences are typically quite good about covering information business from three major standpoints: those relevant to business, technology and content management professionals. The 5th annual event will also feature key leaders and thinkers who will be exhibiting their products just hanging around to represent their companies. This is a good opportunity to bar-hop with a CMS rock star. To sponsor, exhibit or register, visit the eZ Conference website.