VMware to Rock VMworld with Release of Server 2.0

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This September 11 kicks off VMworld, dubbed one of the most popular virtualization events on the globe. Amidst all the San Francisco-based virtual server chatter, VMware plans to announce the availability of VMware Server 2.0.The session at which this defining moment is set to happen is called VMware Server 2.0: The Onramp to VMware Infrastructure. Attendees can expect to bask in the glory of v2.0's features firsthand. Mainly, however, the session will cover VMware Server's architectural development over time. And characteristics of v1.0, like network management and datastore, will be demonstrably translated to the corresponding VI features of v2.0.Server 2.0 also includes:* Brand spankin' new platform functionality* An enhanced iteration of the VI Web Access UI* VI and VIX APIs for scripting and integrationOver 10,000 virtualization aficionados or soon-to-bes are expected to pop in for the conference at large. VMware is also expected to discuss its new ESX Server Lite edition on Dell hardware (hey, we totally called it - or helped, anyway).Other sessions will include: * Chargeback in a VMware Virtual Infrastructure* Performance Benchmarking in Virtual Environments* New Technology Directions in the Virtual Hardware Platform* High Performance Virtualized I/O in 10Gigabit Ethernet EraSo come on down. Like we said once upon a time, lighten up, go virtual. The water's fine.To get first dibs on Virtual Server 2.0 (and ESX Lite!), register for VMworld here.