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  • VMWare Doesn't Want EMC?

    The press isn’t generally allowed into the cushy briefing rooms where Wall Street analysts get updated by corporate executives on a company’s future. At least not at tech conferences. VMworld, being held in San Francisco this week, was no different. But analysts do provide notes for their clients.

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  • Shift Happens: VMware Targets End User Computing

    Shift Happens: VMware Targets End User Computing

    Mobile is the new user endpoint, whether we’re talking about accessing applications via desktop, tablet, phone, watch or other device. “Mobile will be the remote control of our lives,” said Sanjay Poonen, general manager of End User Computing (EUC) at VMware during his keynote at VMworld in San Francisco

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  • Elliott Management Casts a Shadow Over VMworld

    Elliott Management Casts a Shadow Over VMworld

    When you see Pat Gelsinger welcome everyone to VMworld Sunday night in San Francisco, don’t be surprised if he looks more like a Survivor contestant than a confident, relaxed CEO.

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  • VMware Shows Off Mobile Virtualization at VMWorld

    Virtualization used to focus on moving the desktop and your apps between PCs. Now, the industry led by VMware is looking away from the PC entirely at its big Las Vegas show. A Big Future on Smaller Devices VMWorld is taking place in Las Vegas, with the European show to

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  • VMware to Rock VMworld with Release of Server 2.0

    This September 11 kicks off VMworld, dubbed one of the most popular virtualization events on the globe. Amidst all the San Francisco-based virtual server chatter, VMware plans to announce the availability of VMware Server 2.0.The session at which this defining moment is set to happen is called VMware Server 2.0: The Onramp to VMware Infrastructure. Attendees can expect

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