VMWare Shows Off Mobile Virtualization at VMWorld
Virtualization used to focus on moving the desktop and your apps between PCs. Now, the industry led by VMware is looking away from the PC entirely at its big Las Vegas show.

A Big Future on Smaller Devices

VMWorld is taking place in Las Vegas, with the European show to follow in Copenhagen in October. The virtualization industry has spent much effort moving what you see on your desktop PC to your laptop or another PC over a web connection. Now the onus is on moving the picture, your data and information across to mobiles and tablets, but maintaining usability and presentation along the way.

This tricky security-challenging task is to be accomplished by VMware's Horizon Mobile, a series of technologies that allow the user to work more securely on their own personal smartphone or tablet, while the company IT department gets to retain security and control over the work apps and data, all stored safely on company servers.

It's effectively a virtual phone within your phone. The technology is currently limited to a set of specific Android models, but will eventually be rolled out to most makes, iOS devices and Windows Phones among others. There should be a small performance hit for running the system this way, but that cost far outweighs the benefits of added security, which includes encrypted data, and it saves the company paying for worker's devices.

Also On the Horizon

VMware also introduced VMware View 5, an update to the desktop side of its desktop sharing system. This edition offers reduced bandwidth and lets iPad and Android tablet users work on their desktop from a remote location.

As the enterprise world moves from a desktop to a mobile mode of operation, it looks like the workers are running to phones and tablets a lot faster, and VMware is accommodating their wishes.