Enterprise Records Management with EMC
Next Thursday, Oct. 26th, EMC is holding a free webcast entitled "Best Practices: Managing Report and Image Archives for Compliance".It's a challenge -- how to manage a high volume of content generated by enterprise applications, line of business systems, and document imaging applications -- all the while meeting compliance and regulatory requirements, and mitigating legal risk. Not an easy task, especially if you're dealing with multiple legacy silos -- each with large volumes of content and inconsistent tools for identifying, locating, accessing and managing information. EMC's proposed solution is an integrated software archiving platform that lets you unite a variety of content sources. The webcast will demonstrate how organizations can unify content from reports and images, and leverage common services to meet their archiving goals for compliance, storage optimization, content accessibility and more. * Lower the cost of your storage infrastructure through legacy consolidation * Ensure record-keeping enforcement for reports and image archives with Retention Policy Services * Mitigate risk through improved accessibility, stronger record keeping tools and a standards-based archiving process Interested parties may register now.