IntraLinks Webinar on New Trends in Critical Document Sharing
We talk a lot about how important it is for enterprises today to manage their information carefully, keeping track of it and keeping it secure, yet accessible to the right people. Increased regulations have forced many to rethink the strategies and technologies they have in place today.

If you aren't sure what you need to do to get your business processes in order, then attend this one hour webinar called, "New Trends in Ultra-Critical Document Sharing: Case Studies You Can Put to Use Today".

Globalization and A Mobile Workforce

This is a time of globalization were many enterprise reach across the world to work with their customers. It's also a time where the workforce is becoming much more mobile. The concept of a desk and chair for each employee doesn't really exist for many enterprises. You can't take that document you are working on over to the gal in the next office. She's probably thousands of miles away.

Globalization and a mobile workforce present increased challenges to enterprises who deal with sensitive documents and information. There are many security and compliance risks that surface as they share this information inside and outside the office.

Enterprises need to understand the best practices and business processes that are going to mitigate these risks, yet continue to encourage better collaboration and communications.

Online Workspaces for Critical Information Exchange

There's a new approach to collaborating and exchanging critical business documents - the online workspace. This is a SaaS-based service that securely grants access to the necessary users inside and outside the organization.


IntraLinks -- Online Workspaces

These online workspaces also enable organizations to manage, organizae and track their documents and can be much more cost-effective than solutions that require faxing large documents, courier or on-premise document management solutions.

A Webinar Focused on Better Business Processes

IntraLinks is sponsoring a free webinar designed to discuss the emerging trends in document sharing, such as the online workspace described above. It features Forrester Analyst Rob Koplowitz and includes a panel discussion on best practices for managing the business processes of critical, sensitive documents.

If you want to understand how to deal with the following issues, then this one hour webinar may be very valuable to you:

  • Quickly implement secure sharing, management and tracking of your critical information without the need to more IT staff or increase support requirements
  • Implement an audit trail that is required for compliance
  • Drive business processes efficiency in a culture where "I want it yesterday" is the norm, not the exception

Real World Case Studies

A panel of top professionals will discuss real world case studies for managing Partnerships, Licensing, Mergers and Acquisitions, Compliance and Financial Audits.

A Look at the Speakers

  • Rob Koplowitz spends most of his time at Forrester working with Information and Knowledge Management professionals and leads research in the enterprise's use of basic content management, IM, blogs and wikis.
  • Clint Webb is the Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary at Genelabs Technologies, Inc.
  • J. Andrew Fieweger joined IntraLinks in 1998 and has played a lead role in developing IntraLinks roadmap and vision for services related to the exchange of critical information.
  • Tamara Bross joined Stanley Works in May 2008 to coordinate due diligence and business evaluation for the corporate development department.

Registration Information

You can attend the webinar by registering here. It will occur on Tues, March 17, 2009 at 2pm EST, 11am PST. All attendees will receive a whitepaper from THINKstrategies called Guidelines for Choosing an Online Workspace Provider for Critical Information Exchange.