Japan's JustSystems has announced plans to discuss the evolving role of XML at the XML '07 Conference and Exposition. And you might want to see it, because the company's making some very tall statements about the development of our favorite little markup language (the eXtensible kind, of course). To watch the fireworks and partake of the bubbly, pop in at the Marriott Copley in Boston from December 3-5 -- just days after Gilbane Boston takes place. Might as well make the most of the frigid East in dead of winter, yeah?"XML has grown up, with companies accelerating their XML adoption to support SOA and winding up with an abundance of highly-accessible information," spouts VP Jake Sorofman. "All of a sudden, XML isn’t just about interoperability between disparate applications. It’s about making business-critical information available to executives, knowledge workers, and others who need it." Well, honey, ain't it nice to know XML done grown up after all. And not a moment too soon! Last month, JustSystems conducted webinars on single-source XML publishing and DITA. If you're wondering what JustSystems will be covering at XML '07, look no further than the following topics: * Panel: Where are XML Authoring Tools Today, Where are They Going, and What Do We Want? Principal Consultant Jeff Deskins will be joining other reps in the discourse. Catch it on 3 December at 2 PM. * Session: Streamlining the Information Lifecycle in Process and Discrete Manufacturing with XML. Here, Deskins (who, by then, you'll know darn intimately) will demonstrate how a framework for building native XML apps yields solutions for process recipe creation and interactive electronic technical document creation. Catch this one on 4 December at 2:45 PM. * The xfy exhibit. xfy blends the strength and familiarity of documents with the interactivity and real-time aspects of online applications. Here, you'll witness first-hand the awesome power of this doc-based composite application framework. * The XMetaL exhibit. Reined in by DITA, XMetaL enables authors to build clean XML without technical knowledge. Isn't that every cool-hunting tech enterprise's wet dream? If you're raring to do something with your life! and get educated on the bright and glorious future of XML, register at the XML 2007 Conference website. If you'd rather drop a line about JustSystems or wax poetic about XML instead, drop us a line.