Clueful Consulting A directory of products organized into various views. Includes a small amount of commentary on each product. CMS Directory A collection of links and news. They are also working on a comparison database. CMS Matrix A young but evolving and promising tool for product comparisons. CMS Review Bob Doyle's CMS comparison tool. Contains lots of products, but is a bit lite on data. CMS Watch Provides a list of products categorized and also the annual CMS Report. Datamation Product Watch A large, alphebetized list of site management/CMS products with brief editorial. Hartman Communicatie Fairly comprehensive list with a simple feature rating system. Intranet Journal Quite a comprehensive list, open to vendors for additions and commenting. No feature details. La Grange A substantial list of mainly open-source products accompanied by brief editorial. All open source products, fairly active and up to date. OSCOM CMS Matrix A comprehensive list of Open-Source Content Management frameworks and Systems. Contains links to project homepages and licensing information. Ronald Bourret XML oriented list, with some non-XML products included too. It includes useful editorial around each product. This list is regularly updated. If you have a resource you'd like to add, please send an email to the editor.