Lately, with GMail, Sergey in drag, and Microsoft going ape about search, Google has been on the brain even more than usual. Perhaps its the jet lag I'm suffering from my recent transatlantic hop, but I'm sitting here reading far too much news, blog entries, cached pages, etc. and can suddenly see a very simple path to Google Small Business Services ("GBiz" ?). We've probably all heard about GMail, and the 1 Gigabyte of personal data storage this will bring. Froogle is now live. That's interesting too, and could evolve into all sorts of things. What's most interesting about Google is that with over 100,000 computers in its virtual super computer, it has one of the most powerful "machines" on the planet. Google also do nearly everything they set out to do quite well. And as we know, people like Google. In short, they have the power and skills to accomplish amazing things and the strength of their global brand brings insanely rapid acceptance. Now that they are getting into managing your personal content with blogger and GMail, doesn't it seem like a small step to head in the direction of Small Business Services? With small business making up 99.7% of all employers in the US, this space represents a ton of potential advertising real estate. GBiz services would naturally deliver email, document management, content management, knowledget management, collaboration, and unified search. Its just a thought, but I can see Google wiping out the lower end of the hosted Web CMS market, one fine day, some time in the next two years.