Blog Syndication, Atom Accepted by IETF

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The IESG (Internet Engineering Steering Group) of the IETF has approved the creation of the “AtomPub Working Group”. They will focus on the new Atom Publishing Format and Protocol.Tim Bray and Sam Ruby are both involved. Tim as a chair person and Sam as secretary. In recent posts to their blogs they also both seem to be doing their best to down play the "blog standards war", between RSS and Atom. This is nice.To quote Tim Bray: "There is no meaningful technical conflict between RSS and Atom. RSS is widely deployed and is not going away any time soon."He also goes on to say: "...and I’m close to 100% confident that the Atom Publishing Protocol (API) will get very popular very fast. As in, I bet that most cellphones you can buy in 2006 will have it, so you can snap a picture and it’ll be on your blog, regardless of who’s hosting it."Go Tim. I'm sure he's correct too. Critical mass has been well reached with Blogging. Its good to see some of the underlying technologies and standards begin evolving. Its great to see guys like Tim and Sam leading the way.Interested parties may read the Atom Community Meeting Report.