CambridgeDocs has announced WordML to XSL:FO capabilities for the upcoming release of its xPublish Framework / Software Development Kit. With this capability, solution integrators and developers will be able to direct the CambridgeDocs servers to convert WordML documents into XSL:FO. WordML is the new XML format in which Microsoft Word 2003 saves content. XSL:FO stands for XSL: Formatting Objects and is supported by many commercial and open source rendering engines as the preferred way to dynamically generate PDF files on a server. Users will now be able to generate large numbers of PDF files on a Java-based server, using content authored in Microsoft Word 2003 and saved as WordML. Applications can also manipulate that content programmatically before generating the PDF files. "More and more organizations want to generate PDF files on a server for billing, correspondence and other applications. This new feature allows companies to use WordML as a designer for XSL:FO templates and then dynamically generate PDFs on the server," said Irfan Virk, CambridgeDocs co-founder and President. "The popularity of both the PDF format for distribution of content and Microsoft's new WordML format for storage and editing of content has made integration between the two formats a necessity for management of enterprise content," continued Virk. The WordML to XSL:FO functionality is available immediately as part of CambridgeDocs xCTS - the xDoc Content Transformation Server, a multi-channel publishing and conversion platform and SDK which allows dynamic and programmatic generation of PDF files and Word Files. The conversion will be part of the upcoming xPublish Framework, a business application/ framework, for dynamically assembling and editing XML content. The conversion will also be available as part of CambridgeDocs Document Library for Java, which is a complete set of API's for reading, converting and writing Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML and other document formats from Java. A future version of all of these products will also support rendering of XSL:FO into WordML, allowing for full two-way transformation between the formats. It also allows Word to be used as an editor for generating XSL:FO templates. CambridgeDocs products can already support conversion of existing Microsoft Word files (.doc and .rtf) files into XML and XSL:FO and PDF, as well as support for converting PDF files into XML. Pricing for CambridgeDocs xDoc Content Transformation Server and the Java Word API begins at $10,000 per deployed server. The xPublish Framework begins at $20,000 per deployed server. Learn more.