CM Professionals, a group of content management professionals from around the world, elected its first formal Board of Directors. The new Board roster includes: Ann Rockley, President; Erik Hartman, Vice President; Seth Gottlieb, Treasurer; Samantha Starmer, Secretary; Frank Gilbane.The election marks a kind of coming of age of the organization, which was formally launched in October, 2004. Now with more than 250 members from around the world, CM Pros is expanding rapidly. The new board -- which takes the reins from an interim board -- will be charged with converting a variety of strong program ideas from members into active initiatives. Early accomplishments include a resource gallery, active mailing lists, and a successful member "summit" in Boston, USA. "I¹m very excited about CM Pros and the many opportunities the organization provides content management professionals," says Rockley, president of the Toronto-based content management consultancy, The Rockley Group, and a founding member of CM Pros. "It¹s critical that content management professionals from around the globe come together to establish best practices, share lessons learned, and educate one another," Rockley says. "CM Pros is raising awareness of content management as an essential business discipline that builds value, both financial and human, for companies and organizations alike." To learn more about the CM Pros organization, visit: