I've recently been alerted to the launch of a new CMS comparison matrix web site. The "Matrix", as they affectionately refer to it, provides a tool for comparing multiple CMS products in, as you might guess, a single matrix view. There are not a huge number of products in the current database and they seem to come from a fairly broad spectrum (open-source, portal, things like Contribute, etc.), but the folks behind this effort look like they are asking some interesting questions and seem to be taking a fairly detailed look that products in question. I don't however believe they are covering all the bases (e.g., there's nothing about metadata, content model, content reuse, deployment, or asset management), but the tool will probably answer a few questions for those in the CMS procurement process. One curiosity is the obviously annonymous nature of this website. It would be interesting (for me at least) to know who is behind it. Here's a sample report:
CMS Comparison Matrix
Here is their launch announcement: --- We're proud to announce the launch of a new CMS comparison site called the CMS Matrix. The Matrix allows users to get a side-by-side comparison of many content management products at the same time. That way they can see what features they need and which product will provide those features. Some people want a small uncomplicated system. Some want a framework without any apps. And others want a full suite of do-everything apps. The CMS Matrix is a free community service. It has no advertisements, and no biases. Think of it as consumer reports for the content management world. We welcome all forms of CMS products, large or small, blog or portal, proprietary or open source. It matters not to us. We do not judge, we simply provide a mechanism to allow users to judge for themselves. In the Matrix the only bad CMS is one that's not listed. We welcome all CMS manufacturers to publish their CMS's information to the Matrix. Likewise we encourage users experienced with a given CMS to contribute that information to the Matrix. --- View the Site.