2008 content technology predictions
In the spirit of handing out exceptional yet unsolicited advice, the gang here at CMSWire felt it was our duty to provide our loyal readers with some of our keen insights into the world of content management for 2008. So without further adieu, here's exactly what you can expect to happen in 2008.# Microsoft while admitting major failings in their SharePoint licensing model decides to open source "the whole damn thing." Sources within the company are quoted saying: "Sorry it took so long, but we get it now." The next day Ballmer resigns and is appointed to the board of Acquia. # Print media journalists are layed off en masse as Rupert Murdoch declares love for Web 2.0 and swears to rely solely upon 18 and under bloggers as primary source of all news. The Dow jumps 10%, then there is silence, as the bloggers don't really care.# An enthusiastic Salesforce.com engineering intern adds AppExchange to AppExchange, creates the first On-Demand Infinite Loop, ripping a hole in the space-time continuum. Lois Lane comes back to life and we all hear a strange tearing sound. # Oracle drops Stellent integration plans as Larry donates US$1 bil. from his personal legal defense fund to the Joomla! Development Community. A company spokespersonstates: "CMSWire showed us the light."# Tony Byrne adds an Enterprise Argyle report to the CMS Watch repertoire, confesses secret past as a Microsoft Word engineer.# Frogger is made default iGoogle module and is subsequently blamed by the Bush administration for plunging the domestic economy into a bitter new depression. (P.S. iGoogle Frogger is AWESOME!)# The secret to installing Documentum is found encoded within man-bosom pattern in renaissance paintings. EMC sues Dan Brown for industrial espionage.# Seth Gottlieb confesses his undying love for .NET, stomps off stage in an unnamed central European country muttering that "open source is for hippies."# A Google spokesperson calls content management irrelevant, asserts -- with non-evil cackle -- that "we've got all your content already."# None of the above events actually happen