In its latest survey of the land's lay, Evans Data finds that developers woldwide prefer StarTeam above all other control management products on the market. This news comes from the 2007 Developer’s Choice: Source Control Management Systems rankings. The Evans Data Developer's Choice report took into account the attitudes and viewpoints of devvies who use major SCM products, in addition to leading open source version control solutions. Reviewed products included:* CVS* IBM Clearcase/Clearquest* MS Visual Sourcesafe* MS Visual Studio Team System* Perforce* Serena/PCVS* Subversion* StarTeamThe data shows StarTeam outdid the competition in server use, merge tracking, performing releases, speed of check-in/check-out, administrative overhead, bug tracking, artifact traceability, and satisfying file management users.To expound on StarTeam's secret, Evans courted a deliberately vague answer: "Borland has a rich heritage of delivering world-class technologies to support development teams," remarked Corné Human, product marketing manager for CM solutions at Borland.Human added, "Software delivery organizations are increasingly working within distributed enterprise environments, and by unifying activities and assets with our SCM solution, these teams can effectively manage the complexities of today's dynamic market conditions." StarTeam greatest overall rating was calculated when users ranked the solution within the top three in virtually all categories, an impressive feat for the function fickle.SCM products in the Developer's Choice survey were reviewed for the following categories:* Change Management* Ease and granularity of access control* Administrative overhead* Branching, or streams* Performing releases* Merge tracking* Server usage* Bug tracking* Artifact traceability* Scalability* Performance* Support for geographically distributed development* Speed of check-in/check-out* Value for the price* Integration with other tools* SecurityA professional version of the report can be yours -- yes! yours -- for a mere US$ 495. You'll have to contact a sales associate for an enterprise version of it, however. (If you're curious about the difference, the enterprise version will probably include licenses to multiple copies.)Get your copy of the survey here.In recent, but related, news, another Evans report hailed eBay the best overall web 2.0 developer program over such online jewels as Google, Amazon, MSN, Yahoo and PayPal.