A recently released Global Developer Population Study reflects projected 45 percent growth between 2006 and 2010 in the worldwide developer population, according to Evans Data Corp. The results were comprised of responses from over 1200 developers worldwide.The APAC region this year houses almost the same number of professional developers as the EMEA region, a slight increase from 2005 when they were well outnumbered. By 2010, 43 percent of developers will be living in APAC. That makes an 83 percent increase from 2006. Alternatively, North America only climbed 15 percent in the same period. Other findings include the following global data: * The developer population of India and China will grow 23 percent between 2006 and 2010. * Brazil, Russia, China and India will have 30 percent of the dev population by 2010. In 2006 they had 21 percent. * A present just 15 countries comprise 2/3rds of the global dev populace. The findings are surprising considering much "left-brained" work, like programming and web development, are ever more likely to see completion in China or India, rather than in the States or in the UK. “This set of research was designed to be complimentary to our Global Development Research Series, providing product management and marketing professionals a very discrete and granular country view of developer numbers and demographics today and into the future,” says CEO John Andrews of Evans Data. “Our unique research capabilities provide product professionals a very sound and precise way to plan and execute on their global product and service strategies as these geographies experience tremendous change.” In other news, another recent Evans Data report found IT bullishness on SOA adoption. Learn more about Evans and the other data they so vigilantly collect.