The recent Corporate Development Issues Survey, courtesy of the steadfast dataphiles at Evans Data Corp, reports bullish attitudes toward SOAs, or service-oriented architecture.About 25 percent of enterprise developers already have an SOA in place and approximately 28 percfent more plan on following suit over the course of the next two years. President John Andrews of Evans Data explains. "The SOA software market is poised for healthy growth as large enterprises across all verticals are adopting SOA-based solutions for their business related issues. Enterprise integration and the need for flexible business processes continues to drive the demand for SOA as a viable and popular option to achieving competent IT infrastructure." Adoption of enterprise service buses, which currently sits at 15 percent, are also expected to double in two years. This last study included more than 300 IT specialists charged with the lofty responsibility of in-house corporate development. Additional findings of note include the following: * 10 percent of respondents report they have grid computing, a number that is expected to triple to in the next two years * 60 percent of in-house developers expect to increase spending on web security allotments over the course of the next 12 months, followed in terms of priority by web services and integration projects. * Top reasons for corporate outsourcing include, by importance, saving money (22 percent), disparities in necessary in-house skills (20 percent) and the desire to tap particular types of expertise (17 percent). * One out of 10 developers are considered "heavy users" of Web services. That is, more than 50 percent of their app portfolios support said services. If the word on the street is a wise word indeed (and it usually is), we can expect this number to triple in two years. Other recent Evans reports: MySQL Piggy-Backs Open Source, Dominates Database Use and Visual Basic erodes in the face of APAC devs. Santa Cruz-based Evans Data Corporation provides up-to-date market intelligence on the IT industry, based on detailed and recurring surveys among developers worldwide. Learn more about them or read their latest report at the Evans Data Corp website.