If you haven't done so, its time to get your plans together for Gilbane SF, the premier conference on Content Management Systems (CMS) and related technologies and practices. The Gilbane gathering runs April 11th to April 13th and is hosted at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco's ever charming financial district.On the agenda we have the following and more: Keynote Debate: Microsoft & Sun: What is the Right XML Strategy for Information Interchange? Until recently it was difficult and costly to preserve your content in an "open" industry standard format so that it wasn't, in effect, held hostage by being in a software vendor's proprietary format and their own product and business goals. With the widespread adoption of XML enterprises should finally be able to own their own information, share it with whom they want. But is it really that simple? This panel will look at all sides of the debate, peel away the political and marketing hype, and provide you with a clear understanding of the real issues so you can make your own well-informed decisions. Enterprise Blogs, Wikis, and RSS Most of you have probably not seriously considered using these technologies as enterprise applications, or as components in these applications. Yet there are companies using these technologies for collaboration, knowledge management, and publishing applications in corporate environments, and there are vendors marketing products based on these to businesses like yours. Learn how these might apply to your corporate needs. Compliance with Lynn Brewer Author: Confessions of an Enron Executive Dealing with compliance is still viewed by most companies as a necessary evil – an expense that will hurt their bottom line. Compliance however, can be looked at as an opportunity to better understand and manage what your organization does with business content of all types. This session will look at the benefits of incorporating compliance under a broader content governance and control strategy. Check out the full conference program or get yourself registered today.