From IBM is well positioned to reign over the estimated $10 billion content management market next year, say analysts say. And if the strong customer demand for ways to capture and manage information continues it will remain a pivotal component of Big Blue's on-demand strategy. In addition to the slew of content management offerings it announced this year, the company also upped its investment in research and development R&D by 25%, increased its content management sales staff by 2,000, and in June, acquired Aptrix, an Australian maker of content management and collaboration technology. ... Demand for these products is fueled in part by explosive growth in records management and government regulations, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the federal financial reporting law. ... Analysts agree that while content management will be the major focus of IBM next year, targeting small-t-o to-medium sized businesses (SMBs), addressing vertical markets and "componentizing" its middleware will also be pivotal parts of Big Blue's software strategy. ... ...the company will continue to focus on its SMB-tailored Express content management offerings, as well as added support for Linux. ... "Content management is going to be really big for IBM," said Kevin Fogarty, an analyst at Illuminata Inc., Nashua, N.H. "And Microsoft and IBM are going to increasingly compete head to head in productivity suites for the office worker, not on the desktop, but within the IT infrastructure. They're moving upstream." Big Blue has about 34% of the content management market and claims to have roughly 9,000 companies using its enterprise content management technology. Read.