The Information Architecture Institute (IAI) has released the results of their 2006 salary and benefits survey. Now you know we're joking, but ....making Visio diagrams never looked so good...The 2006 salary survey was conducted from June to September of this year. Members of the IA Institute, sigia-l, and the ia-cms list were invited to participate. A total of 319 responses were collected. Respondents who did not enter a salary range were filtered out. Roughly speaking, the respondents were divided 50/50 between those who held a bachelors and those who held a masters degree. About 50% had the words "Information Architect" in their job title. Most had been in their job 2 years or less and had had a salary increase in the last 6 months. Impressively, the average salary came in at just around $80,000 US per year. But sadly, like most Americans, these poor folks are not getting anything like the amount of vacation time us humans deserve. See the full results here: