The Rockley Group is offering a one day workshop in the Philadelphia area on Mar. 19, 2004. The event will cover Ann Rockley's Unified Content Strategy, how to create a reuse strategy, how to create information models, etc. The price is USD 400.00 per student. More information follows. ************************************* WORKSHOP: Information Modeling QuickStart Philadelphia (Malvern, PA), Mar. 19, 2004 Sponsored by the Philadelphia Metro STC Presented by The Rockley Group - Ann Rockley ************************************** Our Information Modeling QuickStart is a one-day workshop designed to teach you the skills of information modeling. Information modeling is a key component of any successful unified content (single source) strategy. Information models formalize the structure of your content, providing the framework upon which the unified content strategy is based. You will learn how to create XML-ready models. You will learn: - The business reasons for adopting a unified content strategy - How to create information models - Top-level and in-depth information analysis - How to identify different types of reuse - How to create - Information product models - Element models - Structural reuse maps - Content reuse maps - Metadata Objectives At the end of this workshop you will be able to: - Analyse your content - Develop information models Who should attend - Writers - Editors - Publishers - Information Architects - Software Developers - Business and IT Managers Cost Registration for this intense one-day workshop is $400.00 US per student. Register two or more students from the same organization and get a $50 US discount per student. Learning materials, lunch, snacks, and a copy of our new book on content management, Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy, are included in the registration fee. - To register visit