Middleware is Dead, Service Oriented Architecture is Next

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This article published today interviews Sun's software czar Jonathan Schwartz. The leading statement: The marketplace tells you that "middleware is everywhere" when all along it should wise up and recognize that "middleware is dead." Because that's the new reality of enterprise computing today.So what's next? ...why its the Java Enterprise System, according to Mr. Schwartz.Did the guy from Sun just say "Java"?What Sun is talking about here is a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA), and they are not alone. IBM is claiming the essentially the same thing - that one off applications are a thing of the past and that software logic will be surfaced in a shared web services environment, available on your network.Where will these services run? Hmm, perhaps in the middleware? IBM thinks so, but also is beginning to deconstruct web sphere into more modular components. See our previous article entitled IBM Eyes Modular WebSphere.Read the Middleware is Dead Article. Read IBM's Case for SOA.