Leigh Phillips of DMeurope has just published an article describing Nokia's upcoming Lifeblog software. Despite the name, Nokia is claiming Lifeblog is not blogging software. Righty-o. Instead, Lifeblog has been described as a "total experience application". This sounds fulfilling. The Lifeblog software is about logging your life. The software organizes all the messages, images, videos and sound clips people capture with their mobile phones. "The mobile telephone is becoming a life recorder," said Christian Lindholm, former head of user interfaces at Nokia. "People are gatherers," he said, "somewhere deep in the genes there's something that tells us to collect stuff." Christian has posted the following on his personal blog: I will try to correct some initial misunderstandings circulating in blogs, before everyones expectations are raised too high and we cause dissapointment to our users and ourseleves.
  1. Nokia Lifeblog is not a blogging tool, it is a logging tool or as we prefer to call it a multimedia diary.
  2. Initially the Nokia Lifeblog will not be available for the Nokia 6620, but some other terminal.
  3. Q: Why a logging tool or as Nokia prefer to call it a multimedia diary? A: Nokia feels that blogging is a subset of your electronic life, not the whole life, hence our focus on the PC initially. The first version will not have any features enabling blogging (you can send e-mail from PC version, but I do not call that blogging).
  4. Q: Why does Nokia call it Lifeblog? A: We added the 'b' in front of the 'log' as we wanted the name signal a longer term intent. Nokia mission is conncet people and that is what blogs do.
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