Microsoft has recently released additional information about their new rights management capabilities that are surfacing with the release of MS Office 2003 and Windows Server 2003. The two most discussed features of Office 2003 have been XML and Rights Management. The Office 2003 rights management capabilities are reliant upon the Rights Management Services (RMS) native to Windows Server 2003. Yesterday Pedro Hernandez of Jupiter Media released an article which details the licensing costs for RMS and provides a brief functional overview. The details contained in this article help one understand more about how MS is going to muscle into the Document Management (DM) space and provide some data on entry-level pricing for the RMS functionality. On the pricing, full RMS capabilities are going to require Office 2003 Professional, Windows Server 2003, Server CAL's and RMS CAL's. There will also be a RMS External Connector license that allows an unlimited number of external users (with Office 2003) to participate in your organization's RMS policies. Take a moment to ponder the significance of the RMS External Connector. The "we" of CMSWire feel this is a non-trivial component of Microsoft's DM market strategy. To quote Microsoft's web site: "Microsoft Windows® Rights Management Services (RMS) for Windows Server 2003 works with applications to help safeguard information—no matter where it goes—for people who need to protect sensitive Web content, documents, and e-mail." Read the full article.