Intranet Roadmap
Intranet and Content Management specialists Step Two Designs have today announced the Intranet Roadmap. The Roadmap is a set of tools and diagrams that guide project teams through strategy, design, content, change management, and technology decisions. Launch of the Intranet Roadmap demystifies the process of developing (or redeveloping) a corporate intranet. "Intranet projects are complex with many aspects needing to be juggled, and this can often be overwhelming for intranet teams," said James Robertson, managing director of Step Two Designs. For the first time, the Intranet Roadmap brings together all the activities required to develop (or redevelop) an intranet, into a simple methodology. Beyond just implementing software or redesigning the site, the Intranet Roadmap covers activities in five key streams: strategy, design, content, change & communications, and technology. The Intranet Roadmap is delivered in two forms: a full-colour A1 wallchart and a supporting 54-page booklet. The wallchart lists the key activities required in each of the project streams. It also highlights which activities (such as usability testing, affinity diagramming, personas and collaborative design) can be used to support individual activities. The supporting booklet then provides an overview of every activity and technique listed on the Intranet Roadmap, as well as linking to further resources and information. "At a glance, intranet teams can see where all the activities fit in, and what techniques can be used to help them at every stage. It is this birds-eye view that is so helpful for teams bogged down in project details," said Mr Robertson. The combination of the wallchart and booklet will be invaluable for any team looking to develop or redevelop an intranet, and it will assist in both planning and reviewing the approach taken. The Intranet Roadmap has been produced by the consulting team at Step Two Designs, who are recognised as thought-leaders in the development and management of corporate intranets. It has been drawn from the practical experiences gained from working with a wide range of both public and private sector clients. The Intranet Roadmap (wallchart & booklet) retails for US$120 (plus postage), and can be purchased securely via the Step Two Designs website. Further information on the Intranet Roadmap is available at: