The Google Sits At the Top Yet Again

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Millward Brown, Google number 1 on top 100 brands list
Google's done it again, to the surprise of few, coming in as the top brand out of a list of 100 composed by research and consulting company Millward Brown. This is the second year in a row Google has topped this list, and if you want our two cents, it won't be the last. Millward Brown, a WPP-owned research company, conducts an annual study of the world's top-100 brands, gauging the brand values based on the financial performance of the company combined with a brand equity survey of more than 100,000 global costumers. Google registered a 30 percent increase in the value of its brand to maintain its spot at number one. The Internet-dominating search company is worth a whopping US$ 86.1 billion, beating out GE which is valued at US $71.4 billion and even Microsoft, valued at US $70.8 billion. That's right --an internet search company is worth more than the largest US automaker and the world's largest software maker. What a world, what a world. The fact that Google is still the top dog speaks volumes for the robustness of the company considering its fluctuating stock throughout the year and the ongoing recession we've been sliding into. It also seems that Google is set to make it through the recession unscathed, because in this brutal Darwinist market economy, only the strong will survive. There's no debate as to the strength of the mighty Google, at least if this report means anything. While other tech startups may flounder and fail, the tech titans Google and Microsoft will be there to help keep the industry afloat during these tough times. This news also comes days after Google announced a 31 percent profit and paid click growth of 20 percent; what was that we were saying about Google being really strong? Other notable results of the Millward Brown study include the rise of a number of Asian brands, especially ones hailing from China, and a gaining of momentum by brands from emerging economies, including many from Russia, India, and Brazil. Visit Millward Brown for more info on their top 100 most powerful brands of '08 list.