The University of Washington's Information School is offering a PhD in Information Science and 2007 application deadlines are on the very near horizon. The degree is intended to prepare information scientists to develop theories, teach, research, advocate, lead, write, and make original and meaningful contributions to the information field. Students in the program learn not only to identify critical problems and rigorously research their solutions, but also to effectively communicate those solutions to a broad audience. To quote, "Our doctoral students seek theoretical and empirical explanations for information phenomena from the perspective of an information scientist and with a human-centered approach -- a focus on information and people." The curriculum is organized around three conceptual areas, building upon the strengths and expertise of the program faculty: * Library and Information Science * Information Management & Policy * Design and Information Technology All students complete required courses in Theoretical Foundations of Information Science , Research Design, and Qualitative Methods in Information Science. Students also complete a minimum of three quarters of Research Seminar, as well as two research practica and two teaching practica. Application deadlines for 2007 are Jan 5, 2007 for US residents and (tomorrow) Nov 1st for non-US-residents. More info at the iSchool website.