webEdition Software GmbH of Karlsruhe, Germany, has announced the opening of its North American subsidiary, webEdition Software Ltd., www.webedition-cms.com, to market and support their award-winning web content management system (CMS)."We've seen such tremendous worldwide growth in the demand for our product that we've opened an office whose mandate is to serve the needs of our North American customers," says Daniel Taylor, Ph.D., President and CEO of webEdition Software Ltd. The webEdition CMS is designed specifically to address the needs of web design agencies and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME). The product allows users to update web sites simply and inexpensively. The Standard Version of this full-featured, modular system starts at just $249 US, but it has capabilities that one often finds in enterprise systems that can cost more than 100 times the price. In addition to webEdition's extremely competitive price-quality relationship, its user-friendly interface is particularly attractive to those who have little or no knowledge of HTML programming. The Super-Easy-Edit-Mode allows users to navigate through their web site using their regular browser, and to edit their web page content using a simple WYSIWYG editor. The software includes no-charge technical support, ensuring that the needs of the local market are addressed promptly and professionally. "The opening of our North American office is evidence of our customer-focused business model," says Dr. Taylor. "We tend to work quite closely with our customers, something that our users sometimes find surprising, considering our business is conducted over the Internet. We look forward to working with our customers and partners here in North America." About webEdition Software Ltd. webEdition Software Ltd., www.webedition-cms.com, a subsidiary of webEdition Software GmbH, was founded in early 2004 with the aim of supporting and marketing the webEdition content management system (CMS) in North America. The webEdition CMS was first developed by Astarte New Media AG, which established an outstanding reputation as a software development company with such products as CD recording software, Toast, and DVDirector, for the Macintosh markets. Since its introduction in November of 2001, the webEdition CMS has been sold in over 20 countries worldwide. Licensed webEdition users include Internet and multimedia service providers, systems houses, and businesses, but also institutions and manufacturers.