This is an interesting article and one that ties in well with recent news from Microsoft about the future of Microsoft Content Management and their ill-fated Discover suite. The short is that the major vendors are integrating their application servers their, or in the case of IBM "a", operating system. Where does that leave app server vendors such as BEA? From Weblogic Developers Journal Consider this, at the recent PDC, Microsoft unveiled project Indigo: something that the development community has been crying out for - a .NET Enterprise Edition. Its similarity to J2EE concepts is even more striking than the architectural similarity between .NET and Java! have to realize that the framework upon which enterprise applications may be built in the Microsoft space will be part of the operating system itself. ...Why buy WebSphere separately from Linux when you can buy a server with IBM hardware, the IBM Linux operating system, and the WebSphere application server as a single solution? ...a J2EE application server is part of the "new" Solaris. A consolidation is underway. Read the article.