The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has released the eighth public working draft of "XHTML 2.0." XHTML 2 is the next generation markup for the web. It is a general-purpose designed to represent documents for consumption by many different types of user agents -- web browsers, mobile phones, PDAs, Televisions, etc. From the spec:
The very first version of HTML was designed to represent the structure of a document, not its presentation. Even though presentation-oriented elements were later added to the language by browser manufacturers, HTML is at heart a document structuring language. XHTML 2 takes HTML back to these roots, by removing all presentation elements, and subordinating all presentation to style sheets. This gives greater flexibility, greater accessibility, more device independence, and more powerful presentation possibilities, since style sheets can do more than the presentational elements of HTML ever did.
The last working draft was released in late May of 2005. This version adds an "early" implementation of XHTML 2.0 in RELAX NG. Interested parties may continue reading on the W3C site.