Come to Amsterdam and get a whiff of the latest in browser technologies. As Mozilla, Google, Flickr, Microsoft and Others Redefine Web Interfaces, the XTech conference will feature insights and perspective from the field's thought leaders. XTech 2005 (formerly XML Europe) and the Gilbane Conference on Content Management are being held 24-27 May, 2005, at the Amsterdam RAI Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands. "The Web browser is a hot topic again," says Edd Dumbill, XTech 2005 conference chair. "As supporters of 'Ajax'-style Web technology create ever more powerful applications, traditional graphical user interfaces face strong competition. At XTech, we'll address the future of Web-based interfaces head on." Leading off on Wednesday, 25 May are sessions from two of the strongest competitors in the field, both of whom have clear ideas about the future of user interfaces. Rob Relyea, lead program manager with Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) will explain XAML, Microsoft Window's new user interface platform. Ben Goodger, lead engineer for Mozilla Firefox, will counter with a presentation on XUL, Mozilla's user interface toolkit. The keynote speakers at XTech 2005 will be Paula Le Dieu, Co-Director, Creative Archive, BBC; Jean Paoli, Senior Director of XML Architecture, Microsoft; and Mike Shaver, Mozilla Foundation. For information on presentations, sponsorships, exhibiting and other marketing opportunities, visit XTech 2005 is being held in conjunction with the Gilbane Conference on Content Management. For more information check out the Lighthouse Seminars website or the Gilbane website.