Enterprise mobile file sharing solution provider Accellion is releasing the Accellion Mobile Productivity Suite. This new package of applications provides users with secure access to and sharing of Microsoft Office documents, as well as photos from iOS mobile devices


An integrated part of the Accellion Mobile App, the Mobile Productivity Suite lets iOS users create, edit, view and collaboratively share Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files within a secure container. In addition, the suite enables users to securely share photos directly from a mobile device’s camera roll or picture library. It can be deployed in public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Accellion positions itself as a bulwark against the growing threat to enterprise security posed by the BYOD (bring your own device) trend. Employees using non-approved mobile devices with little or no security put corporate files and data at risk of leakage or outright theft. In a press release, Accellion says the Mobile Productivity Suite “eliminates the risk of enterprise data leaks from employees opening, editing and sharing documents using unapproved consumer apps."

Securing BYOD

But just how much of a concern is BYOD? The 2013 Mobile Enterprise Report from Wi-Fi network and services firm iPass and mobile device management vendor MobileIron said that 56% of IT executives surveyed have altered their corporate guidelines in the last year to accommodate employee preferences for their own devices, an increase of 9% form 2011. Currently, 81% of respondents make arrangements for personal devices being used for work, but only 54% have formal BYOD policies. By using Accellion, companies can effectively create a BYOD “policy” that helps ensure the security of potentially sensitive content employees access and share on personal devices.

Simplifying Mobile Workflow

According to an article in CITEworld, when developing the Accellion Mobile Productivity Suite, Accellion identified and solved two major problems with typical mobile workflows. “The first is the need to switch between various apps to accomplish key tasks, something that can be a particular nuisance on an iPhone or iPad because of Apple's refusal to include anything resembling a true file system in iOS.”

In solving this problem, CITEworld says Accellion effectively solves a second problem -- “the possibility that opening and editing secure business documents with outside apps might allow the contents of secure documents to be copied into other files or apps or for a document to be saved outside of the company's secure container.”

However, CITEworld states that while many mobile app vendors offer various types of secure containers, the true differentiator of the Mobile Productivity Suite is the elimination of the need to switch among many different devices or apps for various business tasks -- “and that isn't something that should be easily discounted.”

Accellion has 11 million customers among 1,700 corporate/institutional users including Proctor & Gamble, Harvard University and NASA. The Mobile Productivity Suite will be generally available in March 2013.