More good news for knowledge workers who like to create their own business intelligence reports. Information Builders is offering a tool that enables non-technical users the ability to create and/or customize their reports, all with a few button clicks.

Getting the Right Information Easily

With business intelligence reporting no longer just something for the executives, vendors have been working to provide the tools that will make it easy for just about anyone in an organization to run and view reports. Now, many are taking it a step further by creating tools that enable non-technical users to create their own custom reports.

If you are a licensed user of WebFOCUS, the business intelligence reporting server from Information Builders, then there is a new tool available that offers this capability.

InfoAssist is a rich web applications that provides users with the ability to create everything from simple queries to complex reports, publish reports in a number of formats, convert reports to charts and much more.


Found within the InfoAssist adhoc reporting tool, is InfoMini, a tool used by business analysts to create customizable reporting applications for end-users. These InfoMini applications can be in the form of reports, dashboards or gadgets and allow end-users to do things like change data source and apply filters and formats.

Tools like this are becoming much more in demand among organizations who understand that this type of information is required by just about every knowledge worker in the company to help them make decisions.

You can find out more about this particular one, by visiting their website.