Amazon (news, site) has picked up some fun short domains to help promote its services. Come play the fun one letter guessing game.

A Short Stack of Letters

In an impressive marketing move, Amazon has picked up the Columbian-based domains, and domains, along with the address. That'll save users a whole six characters on typing, a whole five on and the same on could be a little more interesting, but more than anything this move will help promote the .co badge, which Colombia is promoting to marketers and Enterprise 2.0 types as a unique extra in their marketing arsenal.

Eminent Domain

Interestingly, these Colombian domains are treated the same as the net's top-level domains, giving them preferential treatment on search engines above other national web codes, and they have natural appeal to corporates.

Certainly, there can't be many ones left (we wonder who's got but there must be plenty of fun for them to sell to businesses. For example, and more. Play along at home and let us know your favorite dinky domains.

Having teased us with forthcoming tablets to challenge Apple and Android, Amazon will need to aim for maximum visibility and these domains could help in that mission.