Attivio Embraces Extreme Information

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Attivio Embraces Extreme Information
Attivio (news, site) announced modules for its ActiveIntelligence Engine (AIE). The new modules enhance Attivio’s AIE platform withbetter support for big data and recommendation and classification engines.

Improving Business Intelligence

The volume of data that organizations are storing is increasing.Datasizes aren’t just getting larger. Organizational data is also being generated faster, becoming more diverse and increasingly complex. Thesechangeshave occurred so rapidly that many organizations are strugglingto manage andgain insight from what Gartner calls “ExtremeInformation.”

Attivio is one of many vendors that has recognized thischallengeand is offering a solution. Attivio’s AIE is an enterprise real-time data platform that allows organizations to analyze structured andunstructured informationin one tool. Now, the company hasreleased its Extreme (XT) modulesspecifically targeted at big dataenvironments.

New Modules, New Possibilities

Attivio’s AIE XT Modules include multiple components.TheRecommendation Engine allows users to analyze large volumesofinformation and its metadata to identify relationships.Organizations canleverage this capability in a number of ways, such asincreasing online purchasesby making recommendations based oncustomers with similar behavior. The ClassificationEngine categorizes documents using pre-builtcategories or auser-defined taxonomy.

Learning Opportunities

Users of the Recommendation and Classification Engines aren’t restricted to using structured data. Attivio leverages advanced textanalyticssuch as entity extraction, key phrase detection, ontologysupport and sentimentanalysis, to understand critical businessdetails and patterns stored inunstructured content such as documents,emails, SharePoint, web content, surveys or call logs. The XTmodules also include connectors for multiple popular bigdata toolssuch as Cloudera, Hive, HDFS and Hbase. Finally, the XT Modules include the XT Services and Assessment Pack

Colin White, founder and president of BI Research and SidProbstein,CTO Attivio, will provide additional details about the new modulesin the webcast “Completing the Big Data Picture: Understanding Why andNotJust What” on Tuesday, July 26 at 12:00PM ET. Visit here to register.